Dictionaries Continued...

One word of caution, if you decide to actually generate a dictionary, you will need loads of disk space. Let's do some math!

In order to calculate the number of permutations you need the follow information:

  1. How large is your base set (alphabet in our case) for this example that I've laid out that number would be 36, 26 letters and 10 numbers
  2. How long is the string you are constructing?

Knowing this information, we can plug this into the formula nr where n = base set size and r = length of string to construct. You can see how this can get out of control quite quickly :)

Here is a list containing the number of permutations for a given string length from 1 to 10

  1. 36
  2. 1296
  3. 46656
  4. 1679616
  5. 60466176
  6. 2176782336
  7. 78364164096
  8. 2821109907456
  9. 101559956668416
  10. 3.65615844006298e+15 (big damn number)

Let's take this a step further. If we are going to store the permutations we need to know how much disk space we're going to need. In order to get a rough estimate let's assume we are going to store this as non-unicode data so 1 byte per character. That would give a result of 548,549,148,672 bytes (548 GB) to store all of the permutations of a 7 character string! How much for 10 you say?

3.65615844006298e+15 * 10 = 3.65615844006298e+16 bytes so that gives us 36.5 Petabytes :)

This brings us to the question, how long of a password is good enough to escape most brute force attacks? It depends on who your attacker is, but if you look at the data it would take quite awhile to produce let alone process a list of passwords longer than 6 characters. Keep in mind however that most dictionaries are just that, dictionaries containing all words in a given language so don't choose something that's in one! ever! and you might just be ok, then again...maybe not :)

Pages are once again working

There was a problem during the upgrade of the site software that was causing the pages (Downloads, About, etc...) not to display. This has been corrected.

Woot! New HTPC

More, and clearer pictures to come, along with details on hardware and such :)

and it plays DAoC @ 1600x1200 with all the settings cranked up, no lag. but its real purpose is blu-ray decoding :)

lolsql...yes indeed

excerpt from the site...

view plain print about
2I'M IN UR `table`
3PLZ MAKES `column` LIEKS `value`
4I CAN HAZ `column` NO WAI LIEK `value`


there's even a parser...yeah, wow...


Links are working...my bad


The blog is working as it should, navigation, comments, etc...

Turned out to be a problem with a BlogCFC setting all along (who0ps) :)

Another Disk Failure

I swear, you give me a hard drive that promises to be reliable and stable and it'll croak faster than a (fill in your choice of colorful euphemism here)

Time to break out the cold pads and crank down the freezer...again. This time for a western digital passport drive. Apparently it liked where it was and didn't appreciate being moved.

Site Migrated...

Accidentally ahead of schedule...What I mean is, yeah...I meant to do that. Now to get rid of that ugly orange theme.

and...what gives with the links not working! grrr

oh, and Lyla too...damn you!

why can't things just work when you want them to?

Wordpress to BlogCFC ( wp2blogcfc )

The Wordpress to BlogCFC migration tool has been submitted and approved on RIAForge, project files were just uploaded this morning.

I'll be migrating the Playground to BlogCFC just as soon as I find a suitable skin for it, and figure out why the hell the SEF URLs are not working.


Wordpress to BlogCFC Migration

My migration tool is nearly complete. So far it successfully imports:

Users Pages Categories Blog Entries

and creates the appropriate Entry-Category relationships.

it ended up being MUCH easier than I had originally anticipated, I'll have code posted soon along with a possible submission to RIAForge


I'm currently working on a migrator for BlogCFC that will pull data from Wordpress into BlogCFC goodness. This will work for the current version of Wordpress 2.8.4 and BlogCFC 5.9.4

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