Loto's Character Workshop 1.101.0

Loto's Character Workshop 1.101.0

Updated Druid and Warlock spell lines to match DAoC 1.101

Fixed a bug that was causing 5th slot values to not populate when importing a Kort's XML template.

Adjusted the font size on the paper doll that displays the current piece of gear being worked on.

Loto's Character Workshop 1.100.1


Lotos' Character Workshop 1.100.1

The Workshop has been updated with the following:

Support for Ywain for loading of crafting bars!

Fixed the bard regrowth spec line

Removed utility display as it is an arbitrary value and not an exact science ;)

Long time users will notice the interface has changed slightly. It's bigger! I've enlarged the paper doll to allow for easier navigation.

Woot! New HTPC

More, and clearer pictures to come, along with details on hardware and such :)

and it plays DAoC @ 1600x1200 with all the settings cranked up, no lag. but its real purpose is blu-ray decoding :)

Loto's Character Workshop 1.100 Goes Live!

The Workshop has been updated to include the spell line changes for DAoC 1.100. In case you missed the patch notes on the herald, here's what changed.

A new Disease spell has been added to the Ice Magic Specialization Line for Wizards.

  • Level 17 – Mitigating Cold – 3s cast / 1.5 minute duration – 1500 range / 250 radius – 7.5% Strength Debuff / 15% Movement Speed Debuff – 11 power
  • Level 25 – Subduing Cold – 3s cast / 2 minute duration – 1500 range / 300 radius – 7.5% Strength Debuff / 15% Movement Speed Debuff – 16 power
  • Level 35 – Inhibiting Cold – 3s cast / 2.5 minute duration – 1500 range / 350 radius – 7.5% Strength Debuff / 15% Movement Speed Debuff – 22 power
  • Level 45 – Debilitating Cold – 3s cast / 3 minute duration – 1500 range / 400 radius – 7.5% Strength Debuff / 15% Movement Speed Debuff – 29 power

Also supported are the new Dragon Mythirians. Actually this is nothing new, as the mythirian slot has been capable of handling 12 slots for a few years now. I must have foreseen this ;)

Seriously though, I'm sure the stats may change, if so you can bet there will be an update!

A note about the Workshop and Vista and Auto-Updates ... and you!

IF you are running Windows Vista or 7 you may notice that when the workshop updates, nothing seems to happen. Before you go deleting or uninstalling things (we don't want you doing anything crazy now) You will need to start the workshop as an administrator. To do this, in case you don't already know, right click on the program icon and select "Run as Administrator" this will allow the workshop to patch and start up properly.


New Mythirians and the Character Workshop

Just a quick note to the user-base. The workshop is still actively being updated, every version update to DAoC. I haven't quit the game or my users! There are code updates being made for Loto's Character Workshop which will support the new Dragon Mythirians in DAoC 1.100.

In keeping with paralleling Mythic's version numbering, the next release of Loto's Character Workshop will be 1.100. If you are a current user, the workshop will update itself a-la auto patcher so there's nothing you need to do (other than restart the workshop) If you're a newcomer just head on over to the download section and grab the installer. As Dark Age of Camelot changes, so shall the Workshop! Got a question, suggestion, bug report? email it or better yet, look me up in-game Loto-Ywain1

DAoC - New Patch Notes! 1.100 on the Herald!

Mythic sure has a strange versioning system 1.99 to 1.100, well alrighty then. I suppose since they said there wouldn't be a Dark Age of Camelot 2 that it will always be "1.x" /shrug

I see some exciting changes in the works as well as some new spells so look for the Workshop to be updated as soon as DAoC 1.100 goes live.


DAoC QuickPortals 1.0.4

I've completed the update to QuickPortals for DAoC. The current version is now 1.0.4 supporting the Ywain cluster servers in DAoC 1.99. You can download it directly here

Loto's QuickPortals for DAoC

to see all downloads: Downloads

have fun!

DAoC QuickPortals

I am in the process of updating the QuickPortals application for DAoC to work with the Ywain cluster. I'll have it posted as soon as it's ready!

Loto's Character Workshop 1.99.0

Hello Ywain!

I'm back after a long hiatus. Talk about a panic attack, WHERE ARE MY TOONS?! All is well now and the Workshop has been updated to be in line with DAoC 1.99 Live.

Lotos' Character Workshop 1.99

The Workshop has been updated to include the spell line changes for DAoC 1.99. In case you missed the patch notes on the herald, here's what changed.

*The casting times and power costs for the Major Heal spells in the Mind Mastery Specialization have been adjusted as follows (healing values have not been changed): o Level 2 - Major Somatic Renewal - 3.2s cast - 3 power o Level 4 - Major Somatic Reparation - 3.2s cast - 4 power o Level 6 - Major Somatic Revigoration - 3.2s cast - 6 power o Level 9 - Major Somatic Relief - 3.1s cast - 8 power o Level 13 - Major Somatic Rejuvenation - 3.0s cast - 11 power o Level 18 - Major Somatic Regeneration - 2.9s cast - 14 power o Level 25 - Major Somatic Rehabilitation - 2.7s cast - 18 power o Level 33 - Major Somatic Revival - 2.6s cast - 24 power o Level 42 - Major Somatic Resuscitation - 2.5s cast - 30 power

* The Damage and Group Heal spell in the Mind Mastery Specialization has had the casting speed changed from 2.7s to 2.8 seconds, the radius of the attached group heal increased from 1000 units to 1250 units, and had the damage and healing values adjusted as follows: o Level 3 - Phantom Renewal - 15 damage / 11 group heal o Level 7 - Phantom Reparation - 32 damage / 21 group heal o Level 14 - Phantom Relief - 61 damage / 41 group heal o Level 22 - Phantom Rejuvenation - 95 damage / 62 group heal o Level 27 - Phantom Regeneration - 116 damage / 75 group heal o Level 34 - Phantom Rehabilitation - 144 damage / 95 group heal o Level 43 - Phantom Revival - 182 damage / 119 group heal o Level 47 - Phantom Resuscitation - 199 damage / 130 group heal

* A Nearsight + Energy Decrease spell has been added to the Holism Specialization:

o Level 18 – Cloud of Distortion – 2s cast / 2m duration – 2000 unit range – 25% Nearsight, 10% Energy Debuff (1 minute) – 9 power o Level 27 – Cloud of Obscurity – 2s cast / 2m duration – 2100 unit range – 35% Nearsight, 10% Energy Debuff (1 minute) – 13 power o Level 38 – Cloud of Darkness – 2s cast / 2m duration – 2200 unit range – 45% Nearsight, 15% Energy Debuff (1 minute) – 19 power o Level 47 – Cloud of Blindness – 2s cast / 2m duration – 2300 unit range – 55% Nearsight, 15% Energy Debuff (1 minute) – 23 power

DAoC Quick Portals

In a hurry because the Alb Zerg has a dirty things in mind for your corpse?

Tired of typing /say Nurizane's Crossroads? or /macro agr /say agramon's lair?

I was, that's why I've developed QuickPortals. A simple tool to auto-load your quick bars with macros for all locations within the Labyrinth.

Check it out over in the downloads section. It only takes a second to configure. The most difficult part will be selecting your DAoC character configuration file location. If you're running Vista it's probably located here:

C:Users\AppData\Roaming\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LotM


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