The Hydra...ooh...ahh


The project codenamed "cf_Hydra" is now in a rough working state thanks to a lot of time should I say, "researching", yeah that will do, researching something I discussed with a couple Adobe developers at CFUnited this year (you know who you are).

That thing we talked about that I said I wouldn't post if I found it, well, I found it, and I won't publish it. Which makes releasing my little project a bit difficult but I'm sure I'll figure something out ;)

Now if I could just get around using coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory for the pesky web service refresh... (CF7)


Well, the world now has one more Certified ColdFusion Developer, woo! glad that's over with now I can focus on other pet projects. Speaking of projects, I'm in the middle of setting up a web server in order to migrate this site (and all my other sites) to CF. How will this impact you the user? not much at all, except for the short downtime (which will be announced before it happens) which will cause the Character Workshop's auto patcher not to check for updates, you shouldn't experience any erratic program behavior.

That's all for now! >po0f<

Report Builder Woes

CF Report Builder, oh how I hate you...

never in my life have I used a more broken piece of software that everyone else seems to hail as godly. Mind you I've been developing software using visual suites for nearly ten years now, so it's not the GUI that's got me. I've written in more archaiac programing languages than I care to recall, so it's not that either.

From your laggy GUI to the moronic ways you auto generate SQL statements, oh CF Report Builder you are currently the new bane of my existence.

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