This post is for those of you out there that have received this error WITHOUT an error message while trying to compile your Flash Builder mobile app for iOS.

Things to check:

ICONS! in your app.xml file, check the icon configuration, paths, file names, RESOLUTIONS...seriously, just because you tell it to use a 72x72 for a 16x16 icon, doesn't mean it will. They have to be the correct sizes, no trickery or tom foolery (or whatever)

Check your iPhone configuration, by default Flash Builder puts this in it...


comment it out or put valid entries in it.

If you're still experiencing issues, try compiling your ipa from the command prompt, you'll get more meaningful messages from there :)

you will of course need to define your own environment variables and this is assuming you're running the command from within the project directory.

%AIR_SDK_HOME%\bin\adt -package -target ipa-app-store -provisioning-profile %MOBILE_PROV%\myfile.mobileprovision -storetype pkcs12 -keystore %MOBILE_CERT%\mycert.p12 MyApp.ipa bin-debug/mainmobile-app.xml -C bin-debug mainmobile.swf -C bin-debug assets