It's been awhile since my last update of the Workshop, and I know there are those of you out there that still use it (and I thank you!) It's become difficult to keep up to date due to real life, that and the fact that I haven't played in quite some time that it just made sense to release it to the public. So, public DAoC'ers, you are free to do with it as you please though I'm sure there are many that have moved to other tools like GearBunny, Kort's, etc... if you do end up taking a look or modifying it, let me know :) The project began 7 years ago and was done in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. If you're an experienced programmer with serious interest, or just a beginner looking for something to tinker with, there's certainly enough there to peruse.

Here's the link to my github repository, the version that you'll find is 1.110.0 which is the current binary available for download on my site.

Have Fun!