I've run into an interesting problem on one of our CF 9 servers. Here's the skinny, there's some code that looks like

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1<cfquery name="qryInfo" datasource="myDB">
2 SELECT name
3 FROM actors
4 WHERE id = <cfqueryparam value="#arguments.actorID#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_integer" />
7<cfif qryInfo.recordCount>
9<!--- do something here --->

Now this is obviously a much more simplified (not to mention completely different data/tables/etc from what the real system is doing) this is just an example.

This code works as you would expect, the query executes and returns some data, the IF block does its thing and all is well, right? Unless the query doesn't return anything. Now in past versions of CF this has never been a problem, an empty query object is returned and again, all is well.

The problem I've encountered on one of our CF 9 servers is this: If the query returns nothing, the IF block fails stating that recordcount is undefined in qryInfo. If I dump qryInfo, the same error: "qryInfo is undefined"

I created some test code and placed it on another CF 9 server in the center and it works as expected, no error, just an empty query object. How bizarre I say! The only difference I've been able to see is that one box (the one that flips out) is 64 bit, and the other (the one that plays nice) is 32 bit.

This warrants further testing and investigation. I'll keep you posted.

Tested on another CF 9 x64 server and it works just fine. Maybe the install is borked?