While working on a customer solution, we ran into an interesting error.

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1Error casting an object of type coldfusion.runtime.J2eeSessionScopeStub cannot be cast to coldfusion.runtime.J2eeSessionScopeStub to an incompatible type. This usually indicates a programming error in Java, although it could also mean you have tried to use a foreign object in a different way than it was designed.
2coldfusion.runtime.J2eeSessionScopeStub cannot be cast to coldfusion.runtime.J2eeSessionScopeStub

This problem occurred on a load balanced server pair running Coldfusion 8.01 with Cumulative Hotfix 3. Each server is running a separate instance which is then clustered. From what I've been able to gather from others in the community is that uninstalling the hot fix alleviates the problem, however in this case the hotfix is required for the successful operation of the customer's site. Luckily, the site did not need the session scope and I shut off J2EE sessions as well as session replication.

I eagerly await a fix from Adobe on this, if there's anyone else in the community that has run across this problem and have successfully mitigated it, I invite you to share your solutions.